Riverview Farm Kennel is located in the scenic hills of Franklin, Tennessee. We have over 400 acres where our dogs train with open fields and hills and wooded areas and water, including the beautiful Harpeth River.

In addition to Riverview Farm, we have training grounds in southern Tennessee, Kentucky, and Florida, totaling over 20,000 acres for hunting and training. Each location provides a unique setting for the dogs, from the waterfowl in Kentucky to the quail in Florida.

At home in the kennel, we have space for more than 80 dogs. Our kennels are specifically designed for the security and well-being of the dogs, immaculately cleaned with our impeccable sanitizing regimen every day, and equipped with TVs – for their entertainment ;).

We have ten, very large, fenced in yards where the dogs can play and relax. Each yard is designated for a different group based on age, gender, and level of activity.

The dogs are surrounded by wildlife, as well as horses, ducks, geese, goats, and even a few bald eagles that fly over occasionally and fish from the river. Riverview Farm truly is a dog’s dream.

Across the pond, we have training grounds in Scotland where our best stud dogs are trained on different terrains to ensure we are staying at the top of the game in Europe.

Each year, several of our dogs make the trip back to the UK to work with our trainer, Kevin Haynes.
We are fortunate to have over 15,000 acres in central Florida where we breed and hunt some of the best Pointers that you will find anywhere in the country. The Ranch also offers us the opportunity to “pick up” quail shot over our Pointers with our British Labradors. Our Labradors are an essential part of this hunting, as we would lose a lot of shot birds without them hunting the rough cover over and over again.
Kentucky offers us 3,000 acres of waterfowl hunting, which has some of the best duck hunting. Waterfowling in Kentucky has everything from hunting sloughs, flooded timber, fields, strip pits, ponds, rivers, or the big lakes. This is the perfect setting for our dogs to do what they are bred for.
Our Foxhounds are based in Cornersville. The grounds there offer us endless beautiful training abilities from water to hills with little valleys and beautiful woodlands.
To ensure we are staying on top of the game we are sending several of our dogs every year back to the UK to compete in field trials against the best of the best. The dogs who make the trip back to the UK are staying with our trainer Kevin Haynes. Our own grounds in beautiful Scotland enable Kevin to train our dogs to the highest standards.