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Orrin Ingram is a businessman from Franklin, Tennessee and is the owner of Riverview Farm Kennel. Horses, hunting, and hunting dogs have always been an important part of his life and his biggest passion. He is a well known breeder and judge of championship foxhounds, breeds and hunts Pointers, and has a registered Angus Cattle business (Ingram Angus). From many hunting trips to the United Kingdom, Orrin always knew about the exceptional qualities of well bred British field trial Labradors. When he decided to import top dogs from the UK, the goal was clear: to establish a British Labrador Retriever working kennel which produces dogs in the US who are then able to go back and compete in the professional field at the highest level in England and the European continent. Together with his partner, Stefanie, and their team member Kevin Haynes in Scotland, they have set up the perfect facilities to accomplish this goal.