Riverview Farm Kennel is THE British Labrador kennel with a unique heritage of successful UK field trial lines. Our bloodlines have victoriously competed in the UK for 6 generations. Coming from Europe, we strongly believe in our legacy, and based on that, we continue to follow our UK breeding principles here in the US. Stefanie Latham, of Riverview Farm Kennel, brings 30 years of expertise in breeding the generations of our lines, and has trained and competed all over Europe, yielding nine Field Trial Champions.

Our passion is breeding British Labradors to meet two goals: to be excellent in the field and pleasant in the house. We are producing Labrador Retrievers in the US who are able to go back and compete in the professional field at the highest level in England and Europe. This requires that our breeding program have much higher standards, with the meticulous selection of the best hunting abilities, based on the eagerness to work, drive and style, and the will to please. We bring together the top hunting skills, superior physical attributes, and exceptional disposition, to develop champions of aptitude and character.

To ensure we are staying at the top of our game, we are sending several of our dogs every year back to the UK to compete in Field Trials against the best of the best. Competing under real hunting conditions is the only way to make sure our champion bloodlines continue to carry on the best traits. So far, we are the only American kennel that produces dogs in the US who compete in the professional field, at the highest level in England and Europe. With our team member Kevin Haynes, who is based in Scotland, we have the perfect match. Our own grounds in the beautiful Scottish hills enables Kevin to train our dogs to the highest standards.