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To stand out, you must do what others won’t.

Our ambition is to breed British Labradors to meet two goals: to be excellent in the field and pleasant in the house. To ensure we are staying at the top of the game we are sending several of our dogs every year back to the UK to compete in Field Trials against the best of the best. Competing under real hunting condition is the only way to make sure our bloodlines continue to carry on the right traits. So far we are the only kennel in the US which produces dogs in the US who compete in the professional field at the highest level in England and Europe. Our bloodlines at Riverview Farm Kennel have successfully competed in the UK for 6 generations. 

With GB FTCh Riverview Farm Finalist aka Brainy we made history: He is the first dog ever born and bred in the US which was made up to a British Field Trial Champion. 

The British Labrador
Traditionally the British Labrador is known to fulfill all the owners needs. Their outstanding abilities to cover a variety of tasks comes through a careful selection in the breed to choose the one with the WILL to Please. The willingness to work for you and be closer to humans than many other breeds makes the Labrador Retriever the most popular dog. In our kennel, we stick with this tradition along with meticulously selected hunting abilities which are based on being eager to work, drive and style, and the will to please. 

With Stefanie Latham (former breeder of Ragweed's bloodline), the breeder behind the kennel, we have a knowledge of 30 years of breeding, training, and trialing successful Labradors all over Europe (including the UK).

The British Labrador

What we offer 

Riverview Farm Kennel is owned by Orrin Ingram, based in Franklin, Tennessee. We offer everything from a puppy, to a started dog, to a fully trained dog, and also sometimes older dogs to retire in a loving home. Being surrounded by 400 acres of training grounds, we are able to train our dogs on many different terrains.

In addition to Riverview Farm, we have training grounds in southern Tennessee, Kentucky, and Florida, totaling over 20,000 acres for hunting and training. Each location provides a unique setting for the dogs, from the waterfowl in Kentucky to the quail hunting in Florida.

Across the pond, we have training and hunting grounds in the UK, where several of our dogs are sent each year to work and trial with our trainers. Some of our talents are also sent back to Italy, to be trained and trialed by our trainer Stefano Martinoli all over Europe. 

Heritage - the history of Riverview Farm kennel

Boys in Italy


New Trainer in Italy

Boys are back

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