Coalsbrook’s Brackenberry aka Biney by FTCH Castlemans Gobi of Garronpoint aka Bertie. 

On July 24th, 2021, Biney gave birth to 4 boys and 2 girls. 

Everything is outstanding when it comes to Biney. Her pedigree is superior, her style and drive is amazing, and she has an excellent conformation.
Her dam, DKFTCH Fendawood Able, owned and trained by Danny Fraser (DK), won several competitions from an early age. Her sire is FTCH Beileys Aguzannis, who proved his qualities countless times all over the continent.

Bertie is owned by Annette Clarke (UK). He is a fast stylish powerful yellow lab with an excellent temperament to his work whether that be dummy’s or game .
Bertie has been a regular member of the England Gundog team and on his first outing at The Game Fair was overall top retriever. He has too many wins to mention, but he won 3 back to back two day open trials on the bounce and was 4th at the IGL Retriever Championship of the same year.
Annette says about Bertie: “He is a real character, we love him…He goes everywhere at a thousand miles an hour and he says, ‘Yes, Mum’.”

Health Results

FTCH Castlemans Gobi of Garronpoint
5/7 Hips
0/0 Elbows 
Herditary clear PRA/ SD2 / CNM

Coalsbrook’s Brackenberry "Biney"
Eyes clear

FTCH Castlemans Gobi of Garronpoint

Coalsbrook’s Brackenberry

Pictures of the litter

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