FTW Riverview Farm Dr Pepper "Peppi"

out of Ragweeds Destiny by FTW Morayglen Apache.

Peppi is one of our talents who are currently based in Scotland with our trainer Kevin. This powerful dog impresses with immense working abilities. Peppi is very easy to train, an incredible quick learner with much will to please, drive and style. Next to his fantastic working abilities, he has a superb character.

Peppi is a combination out of two fantastic pedigrees. His mother Ragweeds Destiny aka Vivi who is a one of a kind. She is a taller female with super working skills. Her pedigree is second to none with her dam, April Aguzannis (litter sister of IGL Winner in 2015 Asterix Aguzannis of Chatsworth who holds the record of qualifying for the IGL Retriever Championship 9 times, owned by The Duchess of Devonshire, handled by John Halstead), and her sire, FTCH Rimrock Hurricane, who was the runner up at the 2015 IGL Retriever Championship. An absolute unique combination of winning dogs through many generations.

Peppi's sire is FTW Morayglen Apache "Lincoln", a dog of a soft nature with a huge willingness to please. His endurance is fantastic along with his natural game finding ability. He has a lot of drive with a determination where nothing will get in his way. Lincoln has a strong hunting style, so once he gets to the area he is determined to find without question. 
Next to his superb character and fantastic working abilities, his pedigree is a perfect fit to our Riverview Farm bloodlines. Lincoln’s sire is FTCH Jobeshill Ragnar out of a very successful litter with FTCH Jobeshill Lotta, FTCH Jobeshill Olof, FTW Jobeshill Valfried, and FTW Jobeshill Magnus. Lincoln’s dam line carries several generations of the famous Morayglen bloodlines, which stands for strong natural abilities.

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FTW Morayglen Apache

Ragweeds Destiny


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