Review 2021

Riverview Farm Kennel can look back to an amazingly successful trialing year in the UK! Our trainer Kevin Haynes did a fantastic job with our dogs and it is for sure a year to remember. 

The achievement of the season for us was for sure making up the first American bred Labrador to be a UK Field Trial Champion: FTCH Riverview Farm Finalist aka Brainy. 

Kevin tells us: "Brainy has been a pleasure to train and to make him up to a champion in only 6 trials was a testament to the dogs abilities."

Also our new novice dogs Peppi and Bliss had their successes! 
"I enjoyed the challenge with them this season and looking forward to competing them in open trials next season." 

Overall Kevin Haynes reports: "In short it has been a season to remember and one I will never forget. Traveling the length and breadth of the UK competing and testing our dogs against all the different types of environments found in both Scotland and England, all our dogs performed as expected and continued to show their reliability while competing at the highest level here in the UK." 

GB FTCH Riverview Farm Finalist aka Brainy 
3rd 24 Dog Stake Labrador Retriever Club of Scotland
1st 24 Dog Stake Scottish Gundog
Association. (qualified for IGL Championship)
3rd 24 Dog Stake Chiltern Gundog Society
2nd 24 Dog Stake The Cherwood Christmas Challenge

FTW Riverview Farm Dr. Pepper aka Peppi
2nd The Sporting Irish Water Spaniel Club
2nd Moray Firth Spaniel & Retriever Club
Com The North of Scotland Gundog Association
4th & Best Looking. The Labrador Retriever Club
3rd The North of Scotland Gundog Association
2nd Gordon District Gundog Club
1st Chiltern Gundog Society

Riverview Farm Bozman Blizzard aka Bliss
2nd Lothian and Borders Gundog Club

FTW Ragweeds Cromwell aka Will
4th The National Gamekeepers Association
1st South West of Scotland Gundog Association 

FTW Ragweeds Henman aka Hank
1st The Sporting Irish Water Spaniel Club






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