Ragweeds Kingsman "King"

Out of Ragweed's Zelda by Fendawood Jackpot.

King is a dark yellow, well boned dog, with a good head and size. He has a very kind nature, loves water, and is a solid worker. Still young, he did a perfect job in his first season of dove shooting as well as on ducks, as water is his true element. King is an important member of our picking up team. He is very steady which makes it easy to take him out with a couple of dogs shooting.

His father Jack is one of the top talents who spent his last season with our trainer Kevin in Scotland running against the best in the UK. 

Health Results

Genetics: PRA N/N, CNM N/N, EIC N/N, SD2 N/N
Eyes clear

Fendawood Jackpot

Pictures of King