FTCH Balmuir Replay of Cairngryffe "Basil"

Out of Beltmoss Amber by FTCh Copperbirch Paddy of Leadburn.

Before Basil joined us in the US he was trained and trialed by Kevin Haynes in the UK. Kevin describes him as follows:  "From the beginning, this dog caught your eye with his unbelievable drive, style, and conformation. An absolute delight to train due to his honesty and willingness to please, a combination which enabled him to progress quickly in his training. His conformation and style showed early signs of a champion in the making. 

From the start his future looked bright. His first award was 3rd and Guns Choice followed by a COM, then a win which let him proceed into opens.
2017 was his year.   He was awarded 2nd in a two day open, then won his next one, which qualified him for the Championship and made him a FTCh.  Along with many working test awards, including Open wins and a 2nd place at Scone Gamefair, Basil has shown consistency in his ability to go the distance and compete against the absolute best dogs in the UK.“

His offspring has also been proven to contain his qualities as Kevin won with his son Kellasbrae Rusty of Cairngryffe at only 22 months old.  Then later that year he competed in eight open trials, in which he won 5 additional awards.

Available for studs in the US. Frozen & chilled semen available in the US.

Health Results

Eyes clear

FTCh Copperbirch Paddy of Leadburn

Pictures of Basil


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